IT solution for organizing
houses and areas management
by their residents.

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The outdated house, street, district management system, where the control functions do not belong directly to residents.
Difficulties in the extablishing of communication between people living nearby.
Problem of informing neighbors in case of an emergency or other situation.
Absence of information about the occupation and activities of your neighbors.
The difficulty in informing the neighbors about the product offers of the house's tenants.
Absence of a simple and reliable way for at to have an influence on the house management.


Develop a social network for neighbors, through which they can directly influence the management of their home, street, district.



The rich social component

Users can share the news with their neighbors, friends. Comment and like posts of their neighbors, discuss the latest news of the district, streets, houses. Or participate in polls and directly influence the management of their home.


Functional for the community (home) management

The manager of the house, with the help of the functionality of portal, can inform the residents about certain news or events related to house management. Create polls, useful or interesting events for which all the neighbors will be invited.


Search for professionals

The user can inform neighbors and people living nearby about their profession or occupational activities. Perhaps someone from those people, who live nearby will need their services or advice.


Getting together

Most people living in large cities are little acquainted with their neighbors. With the help of the portal nabexpress you can find out, who lives with you in the same house, get acquainted with these people and influence the life with your home together.


Renting and seeling a housing

The functionality of rent / sell section allows you to put housing for sale or rent and inform people living in a certain location about the availability of such an object. Interested users can easily find an object of interest in any area, and neighbors / people living nearby will help with the dissemination of this information circulation.


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