Solution for car dealers
with mobile applications
on the example of
BMW Ukraine

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Failure to use mobile technology as the most effective channel for personal communication with existing and potential customers of the company.
A huge number of voice calls from customers and the problem with their processing.
The difficulty to inform drivers, who are in an emergency or other situation, which requires the support of the company.
The difficulty in getting information about users interested in buying a particular car.


To create an effective channel of the company's communication with its target audience through the development of mobile iOS and Android applications.



Car range

List with the car range with a description. The structure of catalogue with animation allows you to scroll through all the models in this series in a convenient way.


Centralized backend

The centralized server part solves the problem of collecting and processing information from various sources as: mobile applications, site, CRM system, various promotion channels. In the administrative control panel, you can conveniently view and process requests for Automobile repair shop / Test Drive, update information about the car range and the current list of cars in the showroom. You can also notify users about different promotions and discounts in a few clicks, categorizing users by groups after data processing by the server side.


Cars in the showroom

In the application users can see a list of all cars available at the moment in all shpwrooms with detailed descriptions of a certain model, its charcteristics and photos. You can also conveniently filter the list to search for a specific model in a particular city, showroom.


News / Promotions / Digest

This section solves the problem of informing clients of the latest news and promotions. The digest section allows you to get the most important information for the previous month in a convenient format.


Signal Lamps / Evacuator Call / List of Nearest Showrooms

These sections solve the problem of informing drivers, who are in emergency or any other road situation. With the help of the signal lamp section, it will be easy for a user to find information about what this or that signal lamp mean. "Tow track request" feature allows a user to call for a tow track just in 2 cliks. A list of the closest showrooms will help you to build a route to the nearest showroom and also display its location and distance to it.



In the account, the customer enters data about himself and his cars, which could be then used while filling in various forms. Besides that the app collects data about potential customers, and notify them individually about new discounts and models through Push Notifications.


Application for Automobile repair shop / Test drive

These sections allow you to fill out the form in a convenient format quickly and send the application at a convenient time for you without unnecessary calls. When applying for Automobile repair shop a customer can choose their car, showroom and also time convenient for him to go through the Automobile repair shop. When applying for a test drive, the customer can choose the model available in this showroom, the time and date of the test drive.


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