It solution for retail
network A2 on
the basis
of Java backend and

iOS/Android mobile apps

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Absence of reliable channel for the interaction between the company and its mobile audience.
Rather complicated process to notify each customer personally about the availability of goods in stores, their prices, promotions and network discounts.
Loss of customers, who do not have the opportunity to visit the store themselves.
Inability to track the delivery of the order after the checkout.
Internal processes of orders' checkout and delivery are expensive and require considerable resources.
Limited possibilities for collecting and analyzing data about users and orders.
Interaction issues with the customers, who are physically far from the network's shops.
The difficulty in getting feedback from customers.


With the help of mobile technologies, to create a solution that will allow the retail network A2 to interact with their mobile audience more effectively. It will also allow to optimize the company's processes and will create a basis for further analysis and the data processing for commercial purposes.



Java back end

Multithreading of Java allows one to handle high loads in the system. Well-thought-out database structure and general architectural backend solution is the key to reliable operation and to the poswsibility to scale the project further.


Separate application for tracking delivery

A separate Android application for drivers, allows you to track the process of the order delivery to the user in real time. Apart from this, the app helps the driver to navigate the route and records the performance indicators of his work.


Convenient search and catalog of goods

The catalog of goods is designed for more than 10,000 items. The functional catalog of goods allows you to find the products you need quickly and conveniently, to learn their characteristics and prices and create wishlists and shopping cart.


Notifications function

The notification function is widely used in the project. With the help of notifications, the service informs users about changing the statuses of orders. Couriers and drivers are notified of new delivery orders as soon as the order is created or changed. Managers also receive messages about the receipt of new orders from customers on their email. The technology of continuous connection of the device with the server (web socets) is used.



Each user of the service has a personal account with the history of orders, accumulated discounts and bonuses, settings. It helps the user to keep track of purchases, speeds up the ordering process, and also engages the user into a closer and more effective interaction with the brand.


Administrative panel

Convenient and flexible control panel allows one to quickly manage orders, a catalog of goods, shop-stores, which delivery is carried out from. There is also a special module that allows you to track the route of movement of drivers by orders on the map and make predictions on the time of delivery.


Analytics and user data collection

With the help of analytics and data collection about goods, their ratings are formed, which affect the ranking of goods in the catalog and in the search, and also shows the popularity of the goods to managers. Analytics inbuilt into the application allows you to track the way users move through the app and record the number of steps to achieve the main goal (to place the order).


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